Voices in the Wilderness

From The Rev. Dr. Katherine Shaner :

Have you ever thought about what kind of pastor Syntyche (Phil 4:2) was? Or about what influence Tertius (Rom 16:22) had on Paul’s writing? Or about Rhoda’s faith (Acts 12:13)? I suspect that few of us have spent much time contemplating these New Testament characters. I know I hadn’t until this past fall when my students at Wake Forest Univ. School of Divinity researched, wrestled with, and imagined their lives. Students in my Women and Slaves in the New Testament course produced audio essays about some of these faithful but mostly forgotten characters. Imagining forgotten and yet faithful and wise characters helped us all see just how far-reaching and unfathomably deep God’s faithfulness toward God’s people really is. This Lent my students would like to share their work with you and your congregation. Through the synod’s Engage the Bible Task Force, six of their audio essays along with Bible study resources will be available on the synod’s website. Join us as we meet new biblical friends and hear their voices ringing through the ages.

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